Marie-Astrid, PhD student from 2013 to 2016, in London since january 2017 for her post doc - Queen Mary University - William Harvey Research Institute - Centre for Experimental Medicine and Rheumatology.

"After studying at the Science Faculty of Nantes from Bachelor 3 and a first optional internship done in the laboratory that same year confirming my appeal for research, I took the Master Biology-Health in Nantes. These two years of master were for me the opportunity to carry out two courses (2 then 6 months) in the laboratory under the direction of Dr. Frédéric Blanchard and Professor Benoît Le Goff. The subject of the laboratory and their research in particular as well as the quality of the framework really pleased me. I was able to obtain a thesis scholarship funded by the Ministry of Research and continue the adventure for 3 years in PhD, it was an exciting and rewarding experience. During these years, I was able to train myself in many techniques and acquire a good expertise in the field of inflammation and immunology. In particular, I was able to work on the study of new potentially interesting molecules in rheumatoid arthritis therapy, publish several articles and participate in numerous national and international congresses (San Francisco, Paris, York ...) in order to present my work. I was also able to share my knowledge through university education and trainee supervision. My doctorate skills in the laboratory allowed me to go on a post-doctorate in a highly recognized laboratory in my field of research in London. And the story goes on ... "

Emmanuelle David, Master II and Doctorate from 2007 to 2012, R & D Project Manager at Atlanthéra Saint Herblain since 2012.

During my studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Nantes, I discovered the research thanks to the internship of 5th year option industry-research that I realized within the company Atlantic BoneScreen (ABS) in 2007. ABS is A CRO specialized in the biological evaluation of compounds, spin-off of the unit UMR 957, created in 2005. Confirmed in this taste for research in human health, I completed my doctorate in pharmacy by a master II (biology , Biotechnology and therapeutic research in Nantes) and a doctorate in health biology, in the unit UMR 957, under the direction of Dr. Frédéric Blanchard and Françoise Rédini, financed by a thesis award from the Ministry of Research. My work during these years has demonstrated the bivalent character of the cytokine Oncostatin M as a target or therapeutic molecule in primary bone tumors. These years remain a very nice experience for me, with a kind and daily supervision while leaving room for reflection and scientific creation. I acquired many techniques of cell biology, molecular biology, histology and animal experimentation, thanks to all the members of the laboratory eager to share their knowledge and I had the opportunity to present my work in several congresses. My dual competence PharmD and PhD and my expertise in oncology and bone physiology allowed me to integrate Atlanthéra in 2012 as Biology Project Manager. Atlanthéra is a research and development company specializing in the creation and evaluation of new molecules targeting bone tissue for the treatment of bone diseases, a subsidiary belonging to the group of ABS and created in 2011. These different experiences are perfectly integrated In the continuity of academic research until the preparation of a clinical trial by passing through screening and optimization of drug candidates, regulatory toxicology and pharmaceutical development.