axis 1 PI: Pierre Layrolle (DR Inserm), Philippe Rosset (PU-PH, orthopedic surgeon, CHU Tours)

Post-doc : Meadhbh Brennan (PARAGEN, Marie Curie Fellow, Harvard Medical School, USA)

PhD students: Luciano Vidal (reconstruction of large bone defects)

                      Walid Lakhal (reconstruction of articular bone/ligaments)

                      Paul Humbert (biomarkers of bone healing)

Technicians and engineers: Bénédicte Brulin (IE Inserm), Julien de Lima (AI CDD Inserm)

Manager for the european projects: Solenne Lhéritier

Unconsolidated fractures and the reconstruction of large bone defects are clinical problems requiring numerous surgeries. We have shown at the preclinical and clinical level that mesenchymal stromal stem cells associated with a biomaterial are capable of inducing bone regeneration and healing of fractures. However, we observed an important heterogeneity between the cells of different patients or according to their tissue origin (eg bone marrow, adipose tissue). It seems that mesenchymal stem cells have a predominant paracrine effect to induce differentiation of monocytes into osteoclasts and then to trigger the process of bone regeneration. Our project aims to understand the cellular communications involved in bone healing. We also want to develop an anatomic pre-vascularized bone transplant by 3D bio-printing to regenerate large bone defects.

link to the clinical trials REBORNE
link to the H2020 project ORTHOUNION or here
link to the MSCA project PARAGEN
link to the H2020 project MAXIBONE
link to the French Ligue against neurofibromatosis
PHRC MOCASO : Support for the consolidation of long bone fractures by association of autologous concentrated bone marrow and bone substitute (30 patients)



Major recent publications:

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