The unit has a pole of expertise in histology applied to the study of mineralized or non-mineralized tissues. This division ensures the processing of samples, from their collection to the results obtained from histomorphometric analyzes, according to the expectations of the different projects.
It is equipped:
  • Dehydration and impregnation, demineralization and coating machines for the design of paraffin or resin (GMA) tissue blocks.
  • Motorized rotating microtomes (Leica RM2255) for paraffin or resin cutting and a cryostat (Microm HM560) for cutting frozen samples (fabrics and materials), as well as a diamond saw microtome (mineralized tissue And materials) and a vibrating blade microtome (viable cut from fresh tissue).
  • An automaton for topographical staining, special staining of mineralized tissue, and histo enzymology.A set of tools dedicated to IHC and HIS techniques (PT module, Autostainer 36 slides).
  • From a set of observation tools (Leica DMRXA equipped with fluorescence), microscopic acquisitions (Nanozoomer 2.0) and image analyzes (QWin and ImageJ) obtained not only in histology but also in other poles Technological developments developed in the unit.

All these activities are validated and listed by the referents of the cluster in the standardized documents. The pole of histology provides training, advice and technology watch for all staff.

Equipement pour la microdissection laser


Système PALM- ZEISS sytem

We have access to the Laser Microdissection station located at the UMR 1064. This workstation includes:
- An inverted microscope equipped with a fluorescent module
- UV Laser for cutting and catapulting of the sample.

We use this system to isolate areas of interest in the bone tumor for transcriptomic or genomic analysis.

See here the zoom function of the slide scanner: